#Episode10, The SHOWER hour

#Episode10, The SHOWER hour. Soooo here we are 10 episodes in, its great I didn’t think we would get this far and honestly, we should be more than 10 episodes in but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Firstly I really want to thank all of you who have liked the page, commented and […]

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#Episode8, The Baby Name.

#Episode8, The Baby Name. So as you know I’m about to be a DAD, to say I’m excited would be a little understatement, I mean its my first so I can’t wait to meet the little guy. So for years my wife and I have been having this chat about what baby names we like, […]

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#Episode7, for the Dad’s.

#Episode7, for the Dad’s. So its again been awhile since my last post LoL, I need to priorities better, works a killer and keeping Mom to be happy is now my second full time job. Since my last post I have been observing and watching a load of videos on the line (Internet), videos of […]

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#Episode5, The great divide.

#Episode5, The great divide. So its been a few days longer than I wanted it to be since my last post, sorry it’s been a hectic last few weeks. Today’s episode is about the great divide, what do I mean by this… Well the Great Divide is when you finally go for “THAT SCAN”, you […]

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#Episode3, The scans.

#Episode3, The scans. So I went with my Mrs to my first scan yesterday, what a world changer. I think when a couple finds out that they having a baby they go through which I have now named “The Roller coaster Effect”. I’ll go into more detail about the roller coaster effect in my next […]

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#Episode2, Big Head.

#Episode2, Big Head. So I’m finally getting over the initial shock that I have a wife that is pregnant, that i am a soon to be dad. I’m now at the stage of what I believe most men go through and in our man circles we call…….being the shit. My research has shown me that […]

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